Day 9: Not Enough Time In The Day

Yesterday was a really good day for writing.  I am at the first big juncture of the book.  It is like those old two part episodes network dramas used to do.  The ones where they wanted to do something to really change the characters stories so they pulled out all the tricks they had. Usually, in network dramas the change was actually quite minimal and nearly forgotten a few episodes later, but this still feels that kind of big.

There isn’t much else of note going on with the writing.  I’m in a very comfortable position.  For the moment there is no writer’s block and I am enjoying every day of this.  Some days can feel like I’m just digging a ditch.  Meaning it is hard to pull the ideas and the words out of your mind.  So, my solution is to just keep writing and writing and writing until something resembling a coherent thought emerges.  However, most days I have a good idea of what is going to happen and where the characters will end up for each section.  I try not to worry about anymore then the chapter I’m working on at the moment. I always have an idea of where the characters will end up at the end of each act (I am breaking the novel down into 3 acts.  It’s easier to think of the story this way.).

I have the end of the first two acts figured out, but what worries me is I’m still fuzzy on the end of the third act. Especially since that is the end of the book.  It is a kind of important section.

Time for some breakfast and reading a little news before I get back at it.


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