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Random Thoughts Strung Together To Resemble a Complete Piece

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During the day, I usually spend quality time thinking about one of these things:  beer, writing, literature, movies, television, music, college basketball, football, and soccer.  Seriously, if I put it on a pie chart, 98% of the chart would be one of those things.

I’ve been in an aggressively and happily pensive mood the last week or so.  That comes off about 2 months of being, as Hamlet might have called it, melancholy.

One thing I’ve done is I’ve started to go days without turning on the television.  This is particularly easy right now with most of the network shows in rerun and the cable shows not starting up their new show runs until January.  If there isn’t a basketball, soccer, or football game on that piques my interest I stay away from the television.

It seems a simple thing, but it has freed up my mind to wander to all the places I like it to go and find ideas to write about.  I can still listen to music and podcasts with no problem, but television was more than just a time suck.  It sucks the space for original thought out of my mind as well.

My relationship with television sometimes reminds me of Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy song “Television, The Drug Of The Nation”:

Apathetic therapeutic and extremely addictive
the methadone metronome pumping out
150 channels 24 hours a day
you can flip through all of them
and still there’s nothing worth watching

Now, I love television.  From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, to Battlestar Galactica, to The Wire, to Breaking Bad, to Justified, to Rectify, and everything in between there are great cultural and artistic experiences to be had with television.  However, those weren’t the things I was watching until 2 in the morning. This was not quality television.  Just whatever was on in hopes that it might be exciting for at least 30 seconds to make me feel better about whatever was going on in my head.

So, I’ve decided no television before prime time unless a sporting event worth watching is scheduled.  Then I’ll turn it on again in prime time only if I’m watching something specific.  If there is something on I want to watch I’ll watch it but I won’t sit around flipping channels hoping to find something to excite me.  If I’m busy writing or reading something interesting, I’ll just DVR it watch it later.

I feel better already.

I had nothing else to write about this morning.  There is a beer review or two coming up later today.  Also, I’m currently reading The Outsider (1953) by Richard Wright.  I’ll probably write something about that later today or this weekend once I finish.  It will be thoughts on it as a work unto itself and it alongside Invisible Man (1952) by Ralph Ellison.  These are two works that came out around the same time with similar characters and similar stories.  That isn’t surprising since the authors were very similar in the respective lives and outlooks on the world.