Too Big To Drink Alone: Victory Brewing, V Twelve

V Twelve, Victory Brewing Company, Downington, PA

Style: Belgian Quadruple or Belgian Strong Dark Ale

ABV: 12%

Served: 750ml corked bottle

Purchased: Dragonfly Wine Market

The V Twelve is a big Belgian Quadruple/Strong Dark Ale.  It isn’t trying to be some hybrid with a bunch of American hops drowning out the fruity esters from the yeast and the sweetness from the malt.  It is a straight forward tribute to the Abbey Style.

In the glass V Twelve has a nice deep golden amber almost pale copper color.  On the first whiff you get tons of raisin, plums, and figs.  This is a more malt forward beer with hints of malt sweetness on the nose.  The thing I liked most about this beer is its feel.

The dark fruit and sweet malt theme continues when you taste it.  The plums, figs, and even a touch of grape sit on the foreground of your taste buds with the bready malt taste hovering in the background.  There isn’t much hop presence, but what there is, is earthy and grounding.

As I said the reason that I like this beer is how light it feels for all the alcohol packed into it.  It is well carbonated and fruity which masks the 12% ABV and makes it dangerously easy to drink.  It is quite crisp and stimulating for something with so much warming alcohol.  It actually gives the impression of a fruity slightly carbonated drink you may have on a beach in the middle of the summer.  In the V Twelve’s case it provides you with both the summer heat with the warming alcohol and the refreshing flavor of the fruit with the lightness of the carbonation.

The thing I want from reviews is not a rating.  This isn’t a BJCP sanctioned event where I will be awarding medals.  The most important way to rate a beer for me is, would I recommend it to a friend.  In this case, yes.  Any general craft beer drinker should love this beer.  It isn’t too hoppy, but still has a lot of complex flavors to it and yet it still feels light on the tongue inviting more than one sip.  With all that alcohol this is a beer I would politely suggest me and said friend should share together.

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