Quick Thoughts On Beer That Gets Made and Not Just Sold

I just had an IPA named Hi-Pitch from a newer brewery in Asheville, Hi-Wire.  I’m going to post a review of it, probably tomorrow morning.

However, as I was finishing off my glass it dawned on me:  Someone made this beer.  By that, I mean this beer is an expression of the brewer’s mind and creativity.  The malts, the hops, and the yeast were all chosen for a particular reason with a particular aim in mind.

That is the difference in true craft beer and the beers from the Big Three (Anheuser-Busch InBev, SABMiller, and Molson Coors).  Someone makes a craft beer, whereas big beer companies sell beer.  They could just as easily be making soda or lemonade it doesn’t matter to them as long as there is someone who will buy it.

In good craft beer, someone gives a damn about what the beer tastes like.  It isn’t just a job or a way to make money, it is something they love to do and an expression of their self.

Making beer is hard.  Making money making beer is even harder.  The big three are going to make their money.  They have so many products and so many distribution outlets for any of those three to fail would be an exercise in gargantuan incompetence.  However, maybe, just maybe if enough people start drinking beer that’s good, they’ll get the hint and understand it isn’t just about marketing.  It is about quality.  It is about having a special and quality experience when drinking a beer.

A good craft beer gives you that experience.  I would rather drink water then drink a beer from the big three for that reason.  Besides, there is very little difference between water and most of what they peddle anyway.

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