Random Thoughts and Musings on a Monday Morning

Quick Monday Thoughts

People don’t want freedom as much as they want safety.  That is why the public outcry over perceived bad guys getting away with it is always so swift and moves past due process and heads straight to punishment.  Due process isn’t there to protect the guilty it is there to protect the innocent from being railroaded by the powers that be or the ignorant of all the facts collective will of the public.  George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, in my opinion, but neither I, nor you, nor anyone else can decide that on our own and go lynch him and claim to have followed justice because what stops someone else from deciding I am guilty of something and taking the law into their own hands and killing me.  In other words, the law saved Zimmerman from people like himself.

In a much less important story, Alex Rodriguez is fighting his PED suspension from Major League Baseball.  The reason, not that he is innocent (though he keeps making ridiculous noises claim that fallacy) but because MLB didn’t follow the due process it and the Player’s Association agreed on in the last collective bargaining agreement.  In other words, MLB can’t ban you just because they don’t like you.  That actually seems like a reasonable argument to me.

I watched the Catching Hell 30 For 30 documentary again yesterday.  The kind of ridiculous adoration for a sports team that turns people into delusional idiots left me when I was 13.  However, the documentary is a good window onto how the concept of scapegoating is more than just angry sports fans putting almost 100 years of ineptitude onto one poor bastard just so they can stay sane.  It is a good example of how humans created the idea of a scapegoat to place blame for all the bad stuff that has happened on an individual so that once that individual is cast out, all will be well again.  It doesn’t actually work that way and it especially hasn’t worked for the Cubs, they still suck.

If you spend a lot of time on Twitter or the internet in general you begin to think that no one likes anything.  You get people who pick apart Breaking Bad because it is an unrealistic look at the meth trade.  Thank you.  I really needed to know that the real world meth trade is much more mundane and yet violent and dangerous as what is depicted as fiction on a television show.  First, yes, you are right.  Second, I don’t care.

Can’t we just let something be good and enjoy it because it is good?  Why do we have to hyper-analyze every piece of pop culture?  Breaking Bad is a narratively tight insanely well written show with actors giving the performances of their lives.  Does it matter that it isn’t 100% true to the meth game?

If I have time this year, I want to write about one new television show.  I want to watch every episode and criticize and analyze it.  I don’t know what show that may be or if I can make this work, but I want to try it.  I actually did recaps for a season for a now defunct website.  I was doing it without the benefit of a DVR or show available on the internet.  That sucked.  I wonder of if I can do it now and do it better.

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