Morning First Draft, No. 2

Here is Part 1.

John Banks was tired and just wanted to get a beer.  He and Carl had been moving tobacco all day.  The stunk and they were sticky.  Tuesday was Karen’s night to clean the courthouse so she would be a little later than usual.  John usually grabbed some food somewhere on his way home on these days.  Occasionally if the day was long enough and hard enough he and Carl would head to Bitsy’s to have a few lukewarm beers and listen to blues.  This was such an occasion.

They sat at a table in the corner almost too tired to lift their beers to their lips.  They talked about the football season that was winding down.  EE Smith was having a good season and should make the playoffs.  Mostly, they just sat and rested letting the beer slowly relax them.

Fred and Ethel came in after John and Carl had been there for about an hour.  Fred and Ethel were actually Russell and Sam.  They were basically inseparable and had been since they were little boys growing up on the same stretch of dirt road.  They were so inseparable that at this point no one in Bitsy’s paid any notice to Russell being white anymore.  The only time John saw anyone pay any mind was a couple of years ago he got too comfortable with some joking and used “nigger” in a sentence.  That got Russell the little scar just under his left eye.

They sat over at the bar and started holding court.  Sam could tell the hell out of a story with Russell as his Greek chorus.  Carl and John tried to ignore them as Sam told some story about some girl he met when he and Russell went to Raleigh a couple of months ago.  John couldn’t tell which positions were real and which weren’t but he was also past caring.  “Karen’s going to be home soon.  We ought to go.”

“Sounds good to me.  Place is too crowded tonight.”

They settled up at the bar with Bitsy and started towards the door.

“Hey, John.  How that high yellow girl you married too?”

John stopped and turned to look at Sam.  “She’s good.”  Carl and moved closer to John and stood on his right kind of between John and Sam.

“I bet she is.  Hey tell me something…”

“I’m going to stop you now.  We both tired and he got to get home to see his wife.  We got work in the morning.  We going to go now and let you and your boyfriend sit tell all the stories you want to.  You going to thank me later for this.”

“For what?”

“Walking him outta here before you said something stupid about his wife he beat you ass.”  Carl put his hand on John’s shoulder and turned him towards the door.  As they walked out the sound level in the bar slowly picked up and people went back to their own business.

“You should have let me kick his ass.”

“I wasn’t worried about him.  White boy was moving his hand to his back pocket.  After Garret beat him with that chair last year, he started carrying a knife.  They almost burned this place down after he got his ass kicked.  They kill us all if we kill him in a fight.”

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