The closer you get, the worse the fear gets.

So true.  That’s why I’m avoiding revisions and writing about Game of Thrones.

I had a couple of ideas I was thinking about writing about this morning.  That all went away after last night when I watched Game of Thrones “The Rains of Castermere.”  Setting aside my reaction to what happened as someone who has intentionally not read the books and avoids all talk of the books to keep things from being spoiled, which was “Damn.”  I couldn’t come up with anything more coherent over the next 30 minutes.

There are a few things I love about GoT.  One, as seen in this episode, anyone can be killed, raped, beaten, or have a limb chopped off at any time.  No character is too sacred to be eliminated.  That is rare on television and can only be said of a few shows (all on HBO) like The Wire, The Sopranos, and Oz.  This especially works for GoT because the star of this show isn’t the characters it is the game (much like the game in The Wire, “The game is the game.”).

I love how good and evil are depicted.  This is a show where often good people do evil things in the service of good and bad people do good things in the service of evil.  All wars are an obscenity, but some wars must be fought (The Civil War anyone).  And in those wars bad people who enjoy killing will do so simply for the sake of killing or for money, not to free any particular group (again The Civil War anyone).

Another thing this show does is it takes pure heroism and kills it.  Ned Stark was the hero of the first season.  The truly noble man fighting against the ravages of evil.  The problem was, he didn’t play the game and it he died for it.  No truly honorable person will sit on The Iron Throne.  That isn’t something we are used to admitting in our television shows and movies.  Or even in our real life for that matter.  We like to think of the President of the United States as the best of us.  He represents all of our hopes and aspirations and all of our best qualities.  In reality, anyone who has gone through the crap you have to go through to become President is tough, resilient, and has at least little blood on their hands.  In Nixon’s case, blood still dripping from your teeth.

Anyway, I hadn’t written about Game of Thrones in three seasons and really wanted to after last night’s episode.

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