Rolle Bolle: A Glass Full of Herbs

Rolle Bolle Tasting Notes


Rolle Bolle, New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins, CO

Summer Ale

5.2% ABV

Malts – Pale, Oats

Hops – Target, Cascade, Amarillo, Centennial

Six-pack from Wal-Mart

What It Looks Like

Bright golden pale. Completely clear.  It looks like a big beer American Pale Lager.

What It Smells Like

Bright fruity and herbal smell.  The herbs lead it to a grassy aroma.

What It Feels Like

Really light on the tongue and it drinks really smooth thanks to the oats in the malt bill.  It has a very herbal/grassy taste.  The fruit comes out more on the back end and gives a better balance overall.

Do I Like It

Sure.  It is not a game changing kind of beer for me, but it is a good hot weather lawn mower beer.  It is another good beer from the New Belgium stable of beers.  It isn’t great, but it is a solid entry.  The danger of a brewery making many beers is that it loses focus on its core beers.  New Belgium still makes good beers, but by making so many beer now (well over 20 with the Lips of Faith series) they don’t brew any one beer that is incredible.  This is another case where they make a good beer that satisfies like good mashed potatoes: solid, consistent, and good.  I will drink more of this throughout the summer, but I won’t count down the days until the next beer.  Maybe that’s what happens when you sell your beer at Wal-Mart.


2 Responses to “Rolle Bolle: A Glass Full of Herbs”

  1. Beer is one of those things that makes life bearable.

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