That was the final word count for my first NANWRIMO excursion.  My goal was 50000, so there is that.  The funny thing is that the book still has another chapter before I’m done, but that is fine.  The work on the book really begins in about a week after I’ve taken some time away from it and can then start adding the meat to bones of this 50k+ word skeleton.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and about the weird world of writers.  The stuff about me can wait and I will hopefully make some announcements by the end of the fall about that and about what is going to happen with this book.

The world of writers however is a great place.  As much of a solo endeavor writing is, it only works when you have a community of people around you to talk to and bounce ideas off of and just commiserate about the nature of this beast.  Thanks to all the writers and blogs I have found through this beginning of my writing career particularly whiteravensoars at Random Acts of Writing.

I did pretty much drop off the face of the earth and just write and go to work (which did suffer. there is only so much brain work you can do during the day.).  The blog suffered, but I am a little different and I am back.

Oh yeah, you should really watch Rectify on Sundance.

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