Day 13: Pushing Water Uphill With Your Hands

Yesterday was a hard day.  I got a lot of work done but it was filled with starts and stops to figure out what was happening to the characters and where they were going.  It was hard, but it was also rewarding.  The days where the ideas and the words come flowing easily are the most fun days to write, but the days when it seems like pushing water up a hill with your hands are the most rewarding.

My work schedule is going to make writing difficult today.  I have to be in at an hour and leave at an odd hour.  Hopefully, I can get some work done at lunch and more later tonight.  I’ll definitely get some in tonight, it’ll just be a question of whether I can get space to work at lunch.

No big thoughts about process or the philosophy of writing today.  I’m just glad to have the opportunity to participate in Camp NANOWRIMO.  It is a wonderful project that is developing a community of writers.  Writing is at its core a solo artistic endeavor and it attracts a large number of individuals with reclusive predispositions.  However, all writers do crave the knowledge that there are others going through the same struggles and who are asking the same questions.

That community combined with the opportunity for you to prove something to yourself is an immeasurable gift NANOWRIMO is providing to all of us participating in it.


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