Day 11: Work Gets In Your Eyes

Yesterday was another good day.  I am on the right pace and will probably move ahead of the expected pace in the next few days.  These will actually be the hardest three days coming up.  Not because of the writing, though I am a point in the story that the writing has gotten harder as the stakes for the characters has started to rise, but because of other occupational obligations.

Getting in the work before heading to the job makes things harder.  It is the added pressure of not only filling in your word quota for the day but doing in a certain time period.  Maybe the added pressure is good and gives the work urgency.  On the other hand, you could just start throwing words down without any regard to the ideas behind them and commit a lot of bad writing.  Or maybe the added pressure makes you resent the job that pays you so much you feel like calling in sick or you are thinking about this instead of what you should be thinking about during the eight hours someone is paying you to do a specific job.  (I really just wanted to see how long a sentence I could write.  48 words, nice.)

Anyway, time for breakfast and writing 1700-2000 words that make sense.

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