Day 10: Things Are Taking A Life Of Their Own

Yesterday was a good day.  I’m still getting through the last section of the first third of the book and I should finish that today and get a good start on the second third.  The last week has been so good, I gave myself a whole extra 30 minutes of sleep today.  Strangely enough that extra 30 minutes has me feeling really good.

Another thing I have to do over the next few days is decide how I think this is going to end.  This is subject to change by what my characters tell me, but I need to make some hard decisions and get the end in real focus.  I have a general idea now (a character told me yesterday in a bit of dialogue) but I have to make it a solid destination.

Well, I’m going to eat some breakfast and probably put the Masters on television with the sound off and hammer out another 1600-2000 words today.

Oh yeah, if you are a fan of cop shows and you did not watch last night’s episode of Southland, you need to go their TNT website and watch.  It was one of the best hours of television cops you will see.  If you doubt me read Alan Sepinwall’s review.   Michael Cudlitz is having an MVP season as John Cooper.  You should also watch it because after next week the show is probably going to be canceled which is a shame because the writers and the actors have seemed to finally hit their stride this season.  Maybe that is due to the fact that they kind of knew this was going to be the last season and have gone for it every episode.  The thing I have always appreciated about the show was how it approximated the randomness of real life and aesthetically that there is no soundtrack to warn you of oncoming action.  It is straight at you with all the weird and wonderful that makes up the circus of life.

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