Day 6: A Digression

Yesterday was a good day of writing.

That’s all I have today.  I’m making progress.  I’m making a lot of progress and things are looking good to finish in on time.  The book and the ideas are coming together much better than I could have thought possible.  The compressed timetable is aiding in this I believe.

The main thing I’m worried about now is that I’ll finish the story before I get to the 50,000 words.  That’s a good problem to have I think.

In other news, last night an interesting thing happened on Twitter.  In the closing seconds of the second Final Four game, a Syracuse player Brandon Triche, was called for a charge to effectively end Syracuse’s chance of winning the game.  Twitter immediately erupted.  At least all the college basketball writers I follow on Twitter erupted.  First, came all the ones who in watching the play in real time thought it was a charge (me included).  Then came all the ones in real time who thought it was a block.  Then after CBS showed the replay from three different angles, in slow motion, ten different times came the people who changed their mind one way or the other.

That tells me the referees made the right call.  Triche was slightly out of control and careened into the lane where he ran into a Michigan player who may have been moving slightly.  It looked like a charge to the naked eye and the refs don’t have the luxury of slow motion replay at three different angles to make that call.

What is more interesting is the nature of Twitter says that everyone has to have a definitive opinion on the play.  Either the refs were right or they blew it.  No one, at least not very many, had the brains to say, maybe it was a charge maybe it wasn’t the ref made as good a call as possible at the moment.  No, either the ref is an idiot or he isn’t.

That black and white dialectical approach to life, the universe, and everything is why while I am on Twitter I don’t participate in it fully.  I see too much gray in the world to treat everything as definitive.

Anyway, on to today’s writing.


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