Day 4: I Hope This Feeling Lasts For The Rest Of The Month

Yesterday was a very good day writing.  I found a good rhythm and the words came easy.  I don’t expect every day to go like that, but I suspect now that I am in the bulk of the book, things will be slightly easier than the first two days.

Besides the words coming a little easier at the moment, I have figured out what the form the book is taking and how I will tell this story.  That also helps in getting the words out.  I don’t have to worry as much about what beat (important moment) I’m writing towards.  There are certain moments and scenes I know I want, I just don’t fully know the details of getting to them, which is what makes this fun.

One of the comments I continue to get and read from others participating in NANOWRIMO, is that part of what makes it so great is the time crunch it puts you under.  By having X number of words to finish in 30 days you don’t have the luxury of dawdling over every single word.  All writers know that while editing and rewrites are important to the final product, doing those as you write is a form of procrastination.

You write a sentence and instead of moving on to the next thought, you decide you need to find the perfect word to describe the color of the grass.  Green just won’t do.  Then you spend the next 20 minutes looking up synonyms for green and you forget what your next thought was and your writing suffers.

With the Camp NANOWRIMO time limit, you are forced to write and worry about the editing later.  If I get nothing else from this process, that will be huge thing to take with me.  Get your initial thoughts and ideas down in a reasonable order with reasonable skill.  Then you can go back and find the best words and maybe a theme or a subtext you want to amplify during editing and rewriting.

As hard as this is to hit my word goals for each day, I must say this is terribly fun.

3 Responses to “Day 4: I Hope This Feeling Lasts For The Rest Of The Month”

  1. I had that ease of writing moment today. Now of course that came after a fellow writing friend and I had talked last night about all the details are missing. It’s like I found my groove again. Funny how we don’t notice it missing until we glide right into it *smiles*. But with that came many other questions, and so now I am busy at work, when I am not actually writing the story, at putting together a visual representation of it! I think it might just help, but then… maybe it is just yet another way to procrastinate *grins*!!!

    • cueball Says:

      I’ve been trying to find the balance of too much or not enough extra work. I like writing and finding a new character that has to be added to the narrative, and then thinking about that character. But, trying to leave enough space in what I “know” and what I can discover as I write the character. That is where the fun is.

      • Balance… it all really boils down to that in writing doesn’t it? Balancing what we know with what we don’t, with what we want to add and what they (the characters) want to add. Such a fine line *grins* well, I guess now I am going to have to think on balance as one of my next topics *grins* ahh, this journey that is writing, full of so many wonders is is not?

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