Day 2: Some Progress Since I Know A Little More

Yesterday was a little better.  Still not many words on the page but I know where this thing is going.

Another thing I’ve learned just in two days of this endeavor is that a lot of writing is confidence.  No one tells you that part of what makes a successful writer is just the shear confidence to write down words on paper.  The confidence to think I have a story to tell and not only is it worth telling, but I am the only who can tell it in this way.

That’s why it took me a little time on the first two days to put words down.  The idea of whether I had the ability to write the story I want and why would anyone want to read it kept running through my head like a river of flop sweat.

It is in those moments that I turn to one of my favorite lines of writing in any medium, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left lose.”  I can’t lose something I never had.  Besides, what exactly would I lose if no one reads this?  If I write this and no one reads it, nothing has changed except that I wrote it, and that is what really matters.  That act alone is what makes this important.

So, on I go.  I’m up to 500 words of a goal of 50,000.  The goal is as soon as this is published I will start to make a dent in the total starting today.


2 Responses to “Day 2: Some Progress Since I Know A Little More”

  1. Freedom, what a great way to look at it. I have often reminded myself that I write the stories in my soul for me. If someone reads them great, but if not, they were really only meant for me anyway. It gives me the confidence I need to set words to paper.
    The act of getting those words out, of actually writing, that is what matters! Thanks for the bit of inspiration!

    • That quote from Me and Bobby McGee is one I lean on a lot. That and understanding that you can’t write for others or really worry about what others may think of your writing in the moment you are writing. You have to trust in yourself enough to give yourself the freedom to write.

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