Day 1: NANOWRIMO Lesson Learned

Well that was anti-climactic.  Yesterday, I didn’t get as much writing done as I needed, but I learned a lesson.  Planning is important.  You may not need to know every pebble your characters will step on, but you need to know what direction they and the story is headed.  Last night I sat down and reworked my plot to make it make sense to me.

This is the reason I wanted to do this.  I need to work on these things.  I need to find out what is important to do and how do I work best.  It doesn’t matter how great an idea for a book or short story you may have.  It doesn’t matter how talented you may be or think you may be.  Without having a good, solid idea of where you are going with the narrative you will get lost in the weeds and what you write will make no sense to you much less anyone who may read your work.

It isn’t that I didn’t have an outline.  It was more that I needed to figure out where this thing was heading and how and where it ended.  I’m still not sure of the details, but I have a good feel for where all the major characters end up on the last page.  That cleared up a lot of things I was trying to do and makes it easier to imagine what will happen next.

I’m also getting a good lesson in how hard this is going to be while working an 8 hour a day job.  I’m going to have to take every free moment and use it for writing.

Speaking of which, I’m going to get some breakfast and try to get some words down before I go to work.


One Response to “Day 1: NANOWRIMO Lesson Learned”

  1. I have found NaNo to be helpful for those very reasons! Something I found very helpful in the managing of that idea mess our novels often start out is is here
    It turned my writing around! Helped me to write faster, and know a little more where I am going, as I am a full pantser *grins*

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