My first of many rants on…………

When Ryan and I started this blog..we were going to write about anything we were interested would be mainly about sports…but we were sure music, spirits..etc…would creep in also ….well…as with life, things changed.  I didn’t blog as much as I promised and Ryan began using this blog as a tool to get back to who he is…a writer..and I applaud him for that; he is a better person when he writes.  For a guarded and reserved person…I guess I was too worried about putting “it” out there.  Well, today I heard a song that I have loved since my first listen and it sparked a series for me to write about over the next weeks.

When the Eagles had their comeback they released a song called, “Get over it!”  I fell in love with this song like I have never loved a song before. The song talks about people getting over their petty problems that become their excuses for why they are not accomplishing their goals.  I love the line that states, “I’d love to find your inner child and kick its little ass.”   These people play the victim to a point that it is their way of getting through life.  See…as happy as I am, I can…at times…be a malcontent.  But not about my life…but about other people complaining about their own lives.

With every passing day I see people’s post on Facebook  about…”it’s not my fault”…. “my life would be better if only this”… “if we would have elected/not elected (blank) …. your life would be better” or “if this law would change, life would be better.”

News flash people… is what it is…your life.  You can decide if you are going to be content or not…you control you.  My life sucked under George W. Bush…and it was great under George W.  Bush…it has sucked under Obama…and it is now the best it has ever been under Obama.  AND NEITHER BUSH NOR OBAMA HAD A THING TO DO WITH MY HAPPINESS.

If tomorrow homosexuals are able to get married….you know what….my life will not change a bit.  My lord will not stop me from getting into heaven if my gay friends are able to get married.  My first rule in life is that it is not my place to judge.  If you are not hurting someone by your actions….I don’t give your actions a second thought.  I have enough on my plate to deal with than to worry about your issues.  Recently it was reported that a new poll has come out that shows more Americans support gay marriage than ever before.  To be honest, I think most Americans really don’t care either way would be a better way to put it.  Homosexuals…don’t give your straight friends that claim to “support” gay marriage that much credit…they really don’t deserve it.  Their lives aren’t going to be affected if you are able or not able to get married.  As I have told one of my oldest friends on earth, that also happens to be gay, just remember…your homosexuality is part of who you are…it is not ALL you are.  Just as with heterosexuals…don’t let a part of your life define ALL of who you are as a person….by doing this you will not let anyone else define your life for you.

But my gay/liberal friends don’t need to get on their soapboxes, I have heard some of you be very ugly as well.f  Also…if you are not able to get married…or at minimum to join into civil union. Which in my opinion is what I agree with over marriage. (just so you will see that I have had the guts to put my view out there)  If you want people to respect your freedoms…YOU HAVE TO DEFEND OTHER PEOPLE’S FREEDOMS TO HAVE RIGHT TO HAVE VIEWS THAT ARE THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF YOUR’S. YOU HAVE TO DEFEND THESE FREEDOMS AS STRONGLY AS YOU DEFEND YOUR OWN.

My rant is not finished ….so be prepared for a rant on people wearing a jersey when it comes to politics.  But I have to stop now because Ryan taught me that if you go over 500 words in a blog you start to lose people…and I am at 700+.




One Response to “My first of many rants on…………”

  1. I just have to say, I really couldn’t agree with you more! People get so sucked in to worrying about the little things, the things they can’t change so that they don’t actually have to MAKE a change.
    They can sit there and gripe about how bad this or that is without ever DOING anything about it. To me I feel that they are only using that as a way to say, see… I “care” about the “big” issues. No, you just want to have something to say about things that really don’t matter in life.
    I am now going to have to find the song and give it a listen as I think I would really enjoy it! Thanks for the chance to look into a new song!
    Only “we” can “affect” ourselves and make ourselves feel any particular way. I for one want to BE happy, not gripe about how if this or that would change! I applaud you sharing your thoughts, now if only we could get the rest of the world to think that way!

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