Morning Pep Talk

What is the hardest thing about life?  Getting up every morning.  Making yourself get up and function even when all the things you are doing do not seem to make a dent into your situation.  In goal setting you can either emphasize the outputs or the outcomes.  The difference between the two being outputs are what you do and outcomes are the measurable results.

The theory behind measuring outputs instead of outcomes is that if you do the right thing, the right way enough times you will achieve your outcomes or at the very least you will learn how effective and efficient your processes are and change them for the future if the outputs don’t lead to your expected outcomes.

Life is an experiment where the outputs have to matter more than the outcomes because you may not see the outcomes for a very long time.  You have to trust that what you are doing every day will lead you to the place you want to get to.  It’s just that sometimes when you get up morning after morning and nothing has changed that it gets hard.

You question your own sanity in those moments.  You what do you do in those moments.  You get up, you shake it off, and you look at your processes.  Maybe you make adjustments to your outputs.  If your processes are sound and you have tweaked your outputs then you look at adjusting your outcomes.  Maybe they weren’t specific enough.  Maybe they were too specific.  Maybe they were measuring the wrong thing entirely.  That is the worst case scenario because if you were measuring the wrong thing entirely, the outputs you choose are wrong and everything you have been doing is suspect.

However, what usually happens is you choose the right outcomes.  You just need to adjust what you were aiming at along the way.  That is what makes life so much fun, making the adjustments along the way to what it is you want.  You have to have the confidence in yourself to know your target is right and the outputs are right even if you can’t always see the progress being made.  Sometimes you will also find progress isn’t measured by what you gain, but by what you can eliminate from consideration.  The act of adjusting your outcome means you have gained something.

One of my favorite lines from any book, song, movie, television show, or play is, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”  To me it means you have run out of ideas of what to try and you are left with something that is elemental to you or what I like to call the things that are your First Priorities.  You have to hold on to these things because they are part of your DNA.  They are the things that inform you to yourself that others may not see.  You have to hold to those things and believe in those things above all others because in the end they are often the only things you have left and they are your freedom.  They may not make you famous or make you a lot of money, but they will make it easier to get up on those mornings when it looks like nothing is changing and nothing is getting better.


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