How The Hell Did This Become An Advice Column (It won’t happen again)

Sometimes people will ask me what I believe.  I often want to tell them, “Nothing.”  That sounds good and plays well as a line a character in a novel might say, but it isn’t true.  In fact it is the opposite that is true.  I believe in a great many things.  However, the idea that I believe in nothing isn’t as far off the mark as it may appear, because while I believe in many things, I stay open to the possibility that other things may be true.

For me, that is one of the things that life is about: Staying open to possibilities.  The other is learning to be a better human every day.  None of us are perfect.  None of will ever be perfect, however if we are living life right we are striving to be more perfect every day.  (Similarly, a “more perfect union” isn’t a fixed state, it something the country must strive to continue to become.)

Maybe that is why some of the people who get all the “stuff” they have always wanted are often still unhappy.  There is always more stuff to want and to get, but also none of that stuff makes them better as a person.  While looking at life a constant attempt to become a better person everyday may never allow you to achieve that perfection, it does make you acquire knowledge and experience moments that make life a little better and a little more interesting.

What am I doing to stay on the path of becoming a better human every day?  First, I try to do the thing that makes me happiest every day.  There are actually three things:  write, read, and listen to music.  I try to do at least two of those things every day and one of which is always writing.  Not only do I try to post at least entry on this blog every day that has sparked the need to write more that I don’t post here.  So the advice is to find the thing you find the most passion in and makes you the happiest and do it every day.

Second, I write down the things I want to accomplish every day.  It usually isn’t a very long list.  Maybe it is three items long on a busy day, but most days it is one or two things.  Most of the time that list has something to do with my three things.  I either want to write something specific, read something specific, or accomplish something that may help me get to a place where writing is central to my salaried endeavors.

Third, I try not to take anything too seriously.  Because of the instant information and instant communication of the internet and social media we seem to take way too much way too seriously way too often.  There are things we need to take seriously.  Take the issues raised in the Steubenville rape trial.  Those need to be taken seriously.  However, unless your paycheck or health and safety is tied to a sports franchise, NCAA Division I sports program, a television network, movie studio, or music label most of the stuff on the internet that creates the most consternation does not really matter in the end.  They may say a lot about who we are as a people, but we can survive without them.  So, don’t take them so seriously.

In short, find your passion and try to do it every day (Just know you might not make any money off it, ever.); try to accomplish something every day; third, remember life is supposed to be at least a little fun.


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