Beer Tasting Notes: HopLanta

HopLanta Tasting Notes


What It Looks Like

A brilliant golden honey appearance.  The head is white and pretty significant.

What It Smells Like

A lot of citrus from the hops with little pine and fruit from the Vienna malt.  The balance is towards the malt (this is an IPA).

What It Feels Like

A light summery body.  Almost too light.

What It Tastes Like

A hoppy beer like most IPAs, but it isn’t overly hoppy as some drift towards.  The malt is either subtle giving good balance or nonexistent. I think it is just really subtle because it is an old world malt, Vienna.  Pretty good balance.

Do I Like It

If you are an American craft brewer you or expected to have an IPA unless you are Ommegang or New Glarus and you are off making your wonderful Belgian styles.  That means your IPA will not stand out unless it is truly great or truly awful.  All the rest fall in that vast gulf in between.  This beer is on the good end of that vast gulf.  Not great, not terrible, but good.  I will definitely drink this again if I see it on tap somewhere just to find out if it is better than what it tasted like from the bottle.  A good beer, but there is nothing that stands out in it.  It doesn’t do anything different like Highland Brewing’s Devil’s Britches nor is it so hoppy as to be undrinkable.  That isn’t a bad thing, but isn’t necessarily good either.


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