Beer Tasting Notes: Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout

Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout Tasting Notes


What It Looks Like

A deep dark brown that is very clear.  The head is a tan color but dissipates pretty quickly.

What It Smells Like

A nice roasted coffee and chocolate aroma.  Very little fruit or piney aromas from the hops.

What It Feels Like

Full bodied with good carbonation.  The carbonation makes it drink really easily.

What It Tastes Like

At first taste it reminds you of a strong iced coffee.  As you drink more the combination of the roasted coffee and bitterness with the sweet backend reminds me of a good piece of dark chocolate.

Do I Like It

I love dark beers.  The only thing I’ve drunk more than IPAs are brown ales.  I spent the whole of my senior year in college drinking Guinness (I really wanted to be James Joyce).  However, my love of the dark arts does not include sweet stouts.  For whatever reason, it is one of my least favorite styles, but I do like this beer.  I think I just find the style too sweet.  In my beer I like a little bitterness.  Even though it would not be the first thing I would try when walking into a bar, the Left Hand Milk Stout (and Duck Rabbit Milk Stout) makes a good beer for the end of a beer session or a dessert after a big steak dinner.


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