Beer Tasting Notes: Single-Wide IPA

Single-Wide IPA Tasting Notes


What It Looks Like

It has a nice bright golden color with a pretty white head that showed very good retention.

What It Smells Like

A very distinct hop presence with good citrus and floral character, but it is not overwhelming. A really inviting aroma.  Hops: Zeus, Bravo, Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe, Citra (via Boulevard Brewing Company).

What It Feels Like

It has a medium body with good carbonation.  Again, everything about it is very inviting and it is a very easy beer to drink.

What It Tastes Like

I did not get a lot of malt taste, but there is a caramel background to it.  It is an IPA so it is hoppy and bitter, but not to an overwhelming degree.  It leans towards the hops but the malt presence is enough to make it taste balanced and go down easy.

Do I Like It

Sometimes during the winter you want a big robust winter ale or a stout, but sometimes as the winter is dragging on to its end you want something that reminds you of sitting on a porch during a spring afternoon watching the flowers bloom.  This is that kind of beer.  Everything about reminded me that winter was coming to a close and spring would be here soon.  I want to find more of this during spring and summer and test out my theory.


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