Changes Coming

After some thought, I am going to make some changes to what I write and how often I write.  I have mostly written in the morning, putting out stream of consciousness thoughts on a some particular subject.  That is fun and I love doing.  It will continue.  It is my morning warm up ritual.  After  I work out my 500-800 words, the day seems to flow better for me.

What I am going to add are three additional prescribed weekly posts and more posts throughout the day.  The goal is at least 2 posts per day.  The morning warm-up and then something more structured and planned.

Now, the three prescribed posts will be two fiction attempts and one beer tasting post.  You read correctly,  I want to write two short stories (or serialized stories) per week.  I won’t be pulling these stories completely out of the air, but  I want to hold off saying how I plan to get my ideas.  I will say this.  I want to try and do something that takes advantage of some of the opportunities that the internet and technology provide.

The third post may be my favorite.  I already keep track of my beer drinking on under the user name uncmoe.  With the opening of Dragonfly Market Wine Market in uptown Shelby, my craft beer drinking has expanded even further.  There is so much good and interesting beer out there and I have a space in which I can write about them that it seems perfect to add my voice to the cacophony of beer writing on the internet.   Maybe I’ll be one of the better entries into the beer talk.  Maybe  I won’t.  Time will tell.

I’m hoping to put the fiction out on Sundays and Wednesdays and the beer notes will come out on Friday or more likely Saturday.

The thought process that lead me to this began about a month ago.  I have been thinking of how to make my posts more structured and to use the blog to write more fiction.

The thing I have discovered (or actually was reminded of) is that the more that I write the more I write.  Through these many blog posts I have not only started to find my voice and rhythm I have also primed the synapses in my brain responsible for this writing.  It has made them more active and hungrier  for work.  I am interested in what exactly can accomplish with them if I focus them.   Besides firing up the synapses I have also began to wonder what the possibilities of writing (particularly fiction) are in combination with the available technology.  Basically, how can the internet make your story better?

I want to use the blog to test things out, to try to find what I am capable of doing on a daily basis.  Maybe nothing will come of this.  Maybe I’ll just be writing into a vacuum of my own entertainment.  I have found that the older I get, the more I am interested in asking questions than getting answers.


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