Sunday Morning Drive

Here is part 1, Sunday Morning Respite.

Driving to Brian and Karen’s house, “Christmas with Jesus” by Josh Rouse drops on his iPhone.  It reminds him of the night he saw Karen’s tits.  At some point, he and Sarah will have to have a discussion about that.

He and Brian have been going to Sunday brunch since their junior year in college when they used to go to Elmo’s or Breadman’s or sometimes just a long drive through line at Sunrise Biscuits.  Now they do it with their girlfriend (Sarah) and wife (Karen).

“I hope Karen made French toast.  I love her French toast.”

When Sarah doesn’t respond, Ray knows her mind has gone to work.  He glances over to her and she is staring out the window not seeing the churches and strip malls passing by in red brick blurs.

“You’re not going to drift off like this when we get married are you.”

“What?” That always woke her up.  Ray wasn’t sure if the thought of marriage excited or scared her.  Sarah managed to stay as noncommittal as possible whenever the subject appeared.

“French toast.”

“I heard marriage.”

“I was talking about French toast.  I don’t know what you’re talking about, but we can go ring shopping after we leave Brian Karen’s if you want.”

“So are you asking me to marry you?”

“I didn’t say that.   I was just throwing a suggestion out there for a way to spend the afternoon.  Would you mind if I did ask you?”

“Ask what?”  That was the answer that made him sure he will ask her.  This screwball patter was something they did instinctively.  It is their way of saying I love you.  At least to Ray thought so.  “I was just thinking about the reorganization.  A lot of good people are going to be let go in the next year.  I don’t know what to do about it.”

“All you can do is help the ones being let go find some other kind of they like and are capable of doing.  I know you want to, but you can’t make them all your responsibility.”


“I do want some French toast though.”  Ray got to Brian and Karen’s block and turns right onto one of those streets lined with Stepford houses and cared for lawns.  Ray likes driving out here from the city for their brunches.  It makes him feel like he is a grown up with grown up friends who own houses.

“Hey, you didn’t tell me they bought a mini-van.”

“Brian didn’t tell me.”

“I wonder when she is due.”

“Due?  Crap, they’re going to have a kid.”

Sarah punctuates her, “You think?” with another Why-is-he-so-weird headshake.  “They’ll tell us when we get inside.”

Now Ray stares at the mini-van lost in his own thoughts of college silliness drunken and otherwise and where all the time had gone.  Sarah takes his hand and they walk up the drive towards the house.

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