My Plot Of Land Or What I Would Do With My 40 Acres (Daily Prompt)

So, what would I do with what is basically my 40 acres (I guess no one gives out mules anymore)?

First, I would find the highest point on the land and that is where I would build my house.  It would be a decent sized house.  I would build it with two bedrooms, a galley style kitchen, living room/dining room and an entertainment/game room.  I would make it two stories to keep the footprint down.  I would build a covered patio area just off to the north or south side of the house so I could have great views of sunrises and sunsets.

On the flattest part of the land I would have a garden plot for vegetables and hops.  Yes, I want to experiment with growing hops, more on that later.  The vegetables would be a rotation of different lettuces, cucumbers, carrots, beets, snap peas, corn, and sweet potatoes.  I would grow enough for me and family members plus I would donate the rest to local soup kitchens and other charities.

I would build three other structures on the land: a barn to house the surplus food and needed equipment, a separate office space to write, and a small brewery (that’s why I’m growing the hops).

The barn is self-explanatory.  If I’m going to grow food, even on a small plot, I will need somewhere to store the food and the equipment I will need.  The office will be pretty simple.  It will have a desk with a laptop docking station and Wi-Fi capabilities, a book shelf with classics and dictionaries, a docking station and speakers for an iPod, and a nice window to look out of when brainstorming.  Outside the desk and the bookshelves there would not be much furniture.  Maybe I would have two additional comfortable chairs for reading, but nothing else.  A writer doesn’t need much and anymore would actually be a distraction.

The brewery would actually be a big homebrew operation.  It would be a 10-gallon system and I would only make maybe one or two barrels a year.  The goal would be to have a brew day and then a bottling day once a month.  The bottling day especially would be a party.  Friends come over, we keg and bottle the beer and I give it away most of it.  It would be just another way to spread the gospel of good beer.

The only other thing I may build is a small woodworking area just off the barn.  I don’t need or want for much.

The life of an independently wealthy gentleman farmer would be awesome.  I would spend my time mostly writing and reading.  With the rest I would tend my garden, tend my beer, and build the occasional table or jewelry box.  I would relax in the evening by sitting on my patio in a rocking chair smoking my pipe and while watching the sunset quietly behind the Smoky Mountains.

But, until I win the lottery or someone is stupid enough to give me a big book deal, I’ll keep going to my place of employment 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and try not to slowly go insane.  I will keep writing or thinking about writing in what free time I have that isn’t dedicated to eating and sleeping.

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