Real Madrid v. Manchester United and Duke v. UNC Diary, Part 2


Pregame pint will be Highland Brewing’s Devil’s Britches IPA.

As for the game it will probably be a comfortable Duke win, but if UNC is still within one possession at the first TV timeout of either half, the game will be close.  Either Duke wins by 20 or it comes down the last possession.


First surprise of the night, Devil’s Britches uses Calypso hops a different profile then I’m used to in IPAs.  Must get used to it.

Second surprise, PJ Hairston in the starting line-up.


I don’t know if I really enjoy Duke/UNC games.  Too much nervousness.


1st TV time out 9-6 UNC.  Things could be fun tonight.


Lads playing well right now.  Duke has recovered and is starting to play well.  The next 4 minute period will tell a lot.  If UNC can keep up their momentum in the face the coming Duke run, this will be fun all the way down to the wire.

If this is a close game, cogent analysis will be hard for me to come by.


Exhausted after one half.  I need a beer.


UNC slipping now.  Duke has made a run and UNC looked a little lost on the last couple of possessions with Duke’s defensive intensity increasing.  In the next 4 minutes, Duke could take complete control of this game.  UNC has to respond out of this TV timeout.  Must get the ball inside with the elder Plumlee sitting on the bench.


Yep, saw that run coming.  Paige takes a horrible shot which leads to a Duke 3.  For once though, Roy calls the timeout to stop the run.


At the pacing around keeping away from breakable objects point in the game.


Well that ended badly.  Not a classic of the rivalry, but a tight game.  It resembled a mud fight for the most part.  Roy did a great coaching job tonight.  Everyone wanted to see what the small lineup would do for an extended period.  Against a team like Duke it works really well.  I don’t know if anything UNC could throw at Miami would work.   Game was decided by the inability to hit free throws.

Time for another beer.  See you in the morning.


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