Blogging Can Be More

What is a blog?

I have always believed good writing (any creative endeavor, actually) reveals a piece of the writer with every sentence.  It may not be a stark reveal of the deep psyche of the writer, but the more words, sentences, and paragraphs a writer puts out there the more you can see the type of person they are.

To me the best blogs are like the letters to the world.  Before the ubiquity of email, letters between writers were a way to communicate that also fueled the ideas of form and style for those writers.  They doubled as communication and worry free experimentation.  This great article that talks about this very thing.

Recently, I’ve been thinking, what are the forms and styles of blogging and is it possible to break out of the traditional blog form which veers from confessional, first person, nonfiction narratives to news commenting, to newspaper editorial pieces.

These ideas of how to use the vehicle of blogging with different forms or writing came about as I grew tired of the constant sniping at and bitching about the NCAA.  It grew tiresome and repetitive for me.  I will not stop attacking NCAA and continue pointing out the absurdity of its existence, but I want to do it in different ways.  I want to talk about all the things I’ve been writing about, but in different ways.

Blogging like most new forms of mass communication or entertainment began with a flourish.  Every would-be essayist or reporter frustrated by not being able to express his/her opinion flocked to it.  As more people began to use it, a preferred narrative style began to take hold of what people consider a blog.  That style of opinionated confessional narrative nonfiction dominates no matter the subject matter.  The fact of the matter is that style works for what most people want to do with their blog and want out of the blogs they read.  However, we can do more.

Blogging at its core is simply writing.  That encompasses a wide range of style and form.  I think writers should marry all the styles and forms at their disposal to get their points across.  Blogging should be a place where writers, if they are willing, try different ways to express what is on their minds.  They should experiment with different ways to attack problems and make points.

Sometimes as humans in order to simply maintain our sanity, we fall into patterns and we do things the same way all the time.  We don’t try to see if there is another way, because we have gotten good at this way.  It is comfortable.

Writers and artists should endeavor to break patterns.  They should attempt to find another way, even if they have to create one.  They should strive to be uncomfortable.

I’m not saying I’m a great writer or even a good writer.  I am saying that I think there is more available to bloggers and writers then most have allowed themselves to see.  I will continue the morning 500 words for the blog, but I hope and will try to add more content (think fiction) that isn’t a traditional blog entry.  See you this afternoon.

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