Something ugly maybe/perhaps happened during the Duke/NC State game last night

The first damn Tweet I saw this morning was about Duke’s Cameron Crazies chanting about Tyler Lewis’s recently deceased grandmother.  story.  Here is a summary:  Last night during a basketball game, a small group of douche-bags maybe/perhaps did something douche-baggy and got called on it by people who maybe/perhaps heard them do it.  Reporters at the event who didn’t hear it defiantly and categorically claim it didn’t happen simply because they didn’t hear it.  Tweeters spent this morning arguing among themselves over what maybe/perhaps happened.  Everyone then claims what  maybe/perhaps happened says something bigger about something.  No one is quite sure what though.  Then everyone grows tired of it and moves on.  The End.

I had a longer more involved post with how this says something about how uncertainty, nuance, and saying “I don’t know” is forbidden on the internet, but I realized I was only contributing to the pollution.

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