Stupid NCAA Rule Of The Day, No. 4

13.02.15 Telephone Calls. All electronically transmitted human voice exchange (including videoconferencing and videophones) shall be considered telephone calls. (Adopted: 1/10/95, Revised: 1/9/96 effective 8/1/96, 1/14/97, 4/27/00 effective 8/1/00, 9/6/00, 4/29/04 effective 8/1/04, 4/26/07 effective 8/1/07)

I just thought it funny that the NCAA had to define what a telephone call is in order to keep coaches from figuring out a way around any restrictions on telephone calls.  It is especially interesting since in the name of simplifying the recruiting rules the NCAA has decided to eliminate restrictions on “methods and modes of communication during recruiting.”  Some coaches will now send texts to recruits at all hours of the day and night.  The recruiting process, already a shady and disgusting business, will become even more of a free for all.

With the list of changes the NCAA has approved (Stewart Mandel has a great break down here) they are saying, “There is no level playing field between the big, rich schools and the smaller, poorer schools, so we aren’t going to try to pretend otherwise.  In other words, we can’t enforce the rules we have, so we are going to eliminate them all together and let the strongest survive.”

On one hand, I am glad the NCAA decided to trim down their voluminous recruiting rule book.  However, they decided to get rid of some rules simply because they could not figure out how to enforce them.  This helps the bigger schools because they can use more of their resources legally without restriction.  They can call, text, or write whenever they want to and they can send out as many letters and media guides and comic books as they want to.

This also helps the NCAA because now they don’t have to figure out how to monitor text messaging, among other things.  The one group it doesn’t help: recruits.  The people most adversely affected by the elimination of these restrictions are the amateur athletes the NCAA is supposed to protect.  They are the ones who will have to deal with the mountains of mail and torrents of texts.  But, hey, the NCAA stopped caring about them a long time ago.


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