Thoughts Before Work

“Are you alive?”  That is the first line of Ron Moore’s rebooted Battlestar Galactica.  That is an important question.

Are you alive?  Do you just go through life moving from one moment to the next without thinking?  Is your day a series of rote movements done with no consciousness of the acts themselves?  That is breathing.  It is existing, but it is not living.

If I have anything close to a resolution for the New Year it is to live being conscious and mindful of all the decisions I make.  Understand the reasoning behind everything I do.  That means asking question even for simple things like, “Do I need to eat/drink/buy/watch that?”

NY Jets owner Woody Johnson is apparently one of those guys who gets enraptured with big tough talking charismatic coaches.  How else to explain his unquestioning loyalty to Rex Ryan, a coach who has talked a much better game than he has actually coached?  This often happens in professional football.  The other area of life where this phenomenon occurs is between politicians and generals.  Of course, that has a lot more dire consequences for everyone involved.  Ryan is a brilliant defensive coordinator, but does he have an actual plan as to run a team as head coach?  The evidence seems to say no.


I’m working on a blog entry about the best books not made into movies.  Friends have been sending me ideas.  If you happen to read this entry, drop any ideas you have in the comments section, email me (, or hit me at twitter (@uncmoe96).  It can be something where there have been attempts to make a movie, but it hasn’t gotten off the ground for some reason.


From an early age football players are inculcated with the idea that they play through pain and never leave the field voluntarily.  In football you are expected to play hurt and occasionally injured as long as you are effective.  Robert Griffin III played injured during Saturday’s game.  That is fine.  Players are never going to tell the truth if it means they can’t play, but it was obvious Griffin was not effective after the 1st quarter of the game.  If memory serves, between the end of the 1st quarter and his knee injury he led the Redskins to a grand total of 76 yards.  That is what coaches and training staffs are for.  The decision has to be taken out of the players and apparently the coach’s hands.  Of course, of coaches brow beat the training staff into telling them what they want to hear, then the whole exercise of an examination is moot anyway.


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