Righteous Indignation Gives Me Indigestion

I was not born with the righteous indignation gene.  Either that or, it is recessive in me and it never gets my emotions going into overdrive.  How else can I explain my lack of moral outrage at finding out Tommy Tuberville may be a jerk?  Apparently, when he accepted the job at Cincinnati he was on a recruiting dinner with two Texas Tech recruits and left them at the table with his assistants.  A half-decent human being would at least say, “Sorry guys, I have to go now.  I have accepted the head coaching job at Cincinnati.  I can’t keep talking to you because it might violate NCAA rules.”  If we have learned anything, however, the college coaching ranks in its two biggest sports (football and men’s basketball) isn’t burdened with an overabundance of half-decent human beings.

When will we stopped being shocked and outraged at the fact that many of our sports heroes are in fact jerks.  We continue to hold them up as super-heroes, which is fine.  As long as the superheroes we hold them up is more like The Watchmen and less like the Superfriends.

They are human beings and they are fallible.  Sports is the place that has taught me, just because a person shows excellence in one part of their life does not grant them saint like qualities in every part of their lives.  Coaches are hired guns as Tuberville said in an interview on The Tim Brando Show earlier this week.  Coach X does not love Old State U as much as you do.  Get used to it.

The same goes for athletes.  They do stupid and illegal things occasionally. Yet, we always seem shocked and outraged when they do them.  That is OK, if you are a kid.  Sports fandom before you become a teenager is pure.  The athletes are all golden Gods.  However, for us adults this is a ridiculous and tiring way to spend your leisure hours.

Part of it is the insipid debate format ESPN has decided is the way to drive viewers to shows no one would otherwise watch.  Skip Bayless has made obscene amounts of money being outraged at humans behaving like humans.  He is able to do that because we want things being as simple as they were when we were children.

Except that it won’t be and it never was.  Reporters didn’t write about Mickey Mantle’s nights out drinking during the season.  They write about it now.  Maybe we know much, but it is too late to stop that now.  That doesn’t mean you have to like or accept players, coaches, and owners being assholes, but it does mean you have to stop acting shocked about it.  You don’t have to be outraged every time an athlete gets arrested or a coach leaves a bunch of players for a better pay check across the country.

Those things deserve to be mocked, however in a world where genocide is occurring and children starve our moral outraged can and should be better directed.

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