If You Care More You Do Better

Why?  Why does a sports blog only have to concern itself in rumors of the next big (or small) coaching hire?  Why does a sports blog only have to concern itself with attacking the silly rules, hypocrisy, and absurd nature of the NCAA instead of questioning the very need for the NCAA’s existence?  Why does a sports blog have to speculate who is going pro at the end of every college basketball and college football season instead of asking why the NBA and NFL don’t take the responsibility of paying athletes out of high school rather than blame the NCAA for all their developmental problems?

To me a sports blog should be more than just a regurgitation of conventional sporting wisdom.  It should be more than a pop culture reference machine.  It should be more than pseudo-literary intellectualism.  It should ask the fundamental question:  Why?

If you ask why enough, you eventually get to the fundamental questions that underlie the issues you are trying to find answers to.  For me the question isn’t if players should be paid cash money coming out of high school to play football or basketball.  The question is a who should pay.

Why it that the NCAA is expected to cover all these costs and why doesn’t anyone ask the NBA or NFL ante-up since they benefit so much from these athletes?

That, to me, leads to the next question of why does the NCAA exist as it does, what type of organization could it become, and what type of organization could replace it?  For the NCAA to pay players, I submit, would fundamentally change the NCAA as an organization to the point that it would not exist as it was envisioned.  So, why does it need to continue to exist?

Here is another question:  Why are our sports continuously tied to the scholastic model and do they need to be?  Our current sports model of sports being tied to first high schools and then colleges has done a disservice to both the development of players and the schools themselves.  Schools reason for existence is to educate, however college and universities through some fault of their own have become sports franchises.  This is done often at the expense of educating all students and developing athletes as athletes.

I believe the schools, the athletes, and the sports leagues would all be better served if sports were only a part of the educational experience of those playing and not this minor league system we have for the football and basketball.  If the NBA and NFL want minor league systems to develop their future stars, then they should pay for them.

Asking those questions is what a sports blog should be about.  ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Yahoo!Sports, and other affiliated websites have all the reporters and paid opiners to berate a 19 year old for declaring or not declaring for the draft.  Blogs should ask the next question as to why the systems we have, have made idiotic “debates” like this possible.


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