College basketball season is finally here

Sports fans are really broken down in the two basic categories as glass half-full and glass half-empty.  Most fans alternate between the two depending on the state of their team, but usually a fan has their natural state of full or empty.  I am probably more of a half-empty fan always looking for what is the worst thing that can happen and will the team be able to overcome it.

However, this upcoming basketball season as a proud alum of UNC Chapel Hill I am in my favorite mode of fandom:  Neither half-empty or half-full.  This season I have no idea how to feel about this team.  I love that.  Roy Williams could very well start two freshmen (Marcus Paige and Joel James) this season.  Two of our best returning players missed most of not all of last season with knee injuries.  Our best player, James Michael McAdoo, is a potential All-American and lottery pick, but was at best a complimentary player on last year’s team.

All of that means I have no idea what to expect.  What will probably happen is the team will start of slow and get better as the season goes along which will make it fun to watch.  Being expected to win is not as fun as some fans might think.  If you look at it half-empty, even a national championship is more relief than celebration.  If you look at it half-full, losing a national championship is crushing.

This is the type of season fans remember most fondly (or most dejectedly).  If a team over achieves and makes an unexpected run of success then it will become part of the program’s lore.  If the team implodes, it will become a cautionary tale.  My hope is I will speak fondly of Marcus Paige being mature beyond his years, JP Tokoto flying around like Vince Carter, and Joel James being a lovable man-mountain in the post.

Long live basketball season.


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