Trying Something New

I am going to start posting something every day.  It may have something to do with football, soccer, basketball, or beer or it may just be some random idea or philosophy I’ve come up with at 3 in the morning that I just have to share with the unsuspecting public, but every day I will post something here.

First up I guess I will discuss this decision and the promise I’ve made to you and to myself.

In the last day or so it has become clear to me I’ve wanted to write for the wrong reasons.  I’ve been writing to impress other people or because I think at some point it will make me some kind of money.

“Today I may die.”  That is a simple concept that most of us know intellectually.  However, most of us also don’t truly think about what that means.  We don’t know it in our hearts and that prevents us from living in a way that truly matters or makes us truly content.

I’ve been truly thinking about that concept for the last bit of time and it has become clear to me that I have not lived as if I truly knew it in the marrow of my bones.  At least since college, I have not tried to do anything that truly matters or makes me in any way content.

I have done things to make money or because others thought they were a good reason and all of those things have gotten me to the colossal heights of my life today.

Writing and words truly matter to me.  The thing I love about all art forms, but particularly the written arts and music, is that if the person who is writing or performing is doing it because it is the only thing that really matters to them and they dedicate their soul to it, they occasionally touch their own little bit of the river that runs through the collective soul of humanity.

Last night I was listening to Ryan Adams and the song “Shadowlands” started to play.  It is a beautiful song about finding humanity in the worst of situations, but after the lyrics are done Adams and the band plays what is almost an extended coda at the end of the song.  It is one of the most beautiful things you will ever hear.

I may never write anything approaching that, much less anything approaching The Great Gatsby, my vote for the best piece of American literature, but I have to at least try, and failing that I can write about the moments of those things that I come across.

Lest you think this is only going to be about music and books, I see the same things in sports.  Whenever something great and unexpected happens, I always think, “That’s why we watch.”  We put up with all hypocrisy of the NCAA, the venality of the professional sports owners, and the arrogance and self-aggrandizement of our athletes for those fleeting moments when they do something outside of themselves when they truly show us, “What a piece of work is man.”


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