A little thanks to the replacement refs….or is it a swift kick in the ass?

What side to come down on????  Do we side with sports fans for hating what we have observed in the replacement refs or do we become apologist for the D-III level refs (or whatever they were) for their lack of training.   As an obsessed football fan of every level of the sport, I think that I know what I am talking about and what to watch for concerning the rules of the game.  But put on the highest level….who knows what kind of idiot any of us could look like.  Recently I watched a teenager at a youth football game attempt to help on the chain gang.  He walked up to the chains and immediately grabbed the “box” or as I call it, the down/distance marker.  Before the first drive was over, he knew that he had bitten off more than he could chew.  And at the start of the second half, he was no where to be found and they had to find someone else to assist. I understand that we are talking about a teenager …but we are also only talking about a chain gang crew at a youth football game; but this simple pressure was too much. So yes…we can bad mouth the replacement refs…and say how sorry they were at their chosen part time profession.  But understand…at the end of the day….through no effort of their own…they got saddled with being involved with the number one sport and the most hated group on the field….and a hated group is what they are on a good day.  So in conclusion…they frusterated the living hell out of me…but as I stated to a friend….we had pro football…and for that, I was thankful.

Eightball is now in the pocket.


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