Beer Class With Cueball, Introduction


I was on the phone with Eightball today while on my weekly beer run when he said something interesting, “What is an IPA?”  It was the question of what is the difference between all these designations beer people give their beers.

That made me stop for a moment.  In my online life, I spend around 2/3 of my time reading about beer.  I’m a homebrewer and member of the American Homebrewers Association, I am immersed in the beer geek world.  Things like the difference between an IPA and a regular pale ale are second nature for me.

If you are just a person who likes to drink good beer things like that are distinctions with a difference.

So, I’ve decided to do write about beer basics starting at the beginning.

First up will be beer 101 how it is made and the two major classes of beer.

By the way…

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