Last night’s game

As soon as Austin Rivers crossed half court with the ball, everyone watching knew he was going to take and make the last shot.  At least I did.  That is the part that gets me about last night.  He took it.  He made it. I didn’t get angry.  I expected to be angry or sad or any emotion in that spectrum.  Instead, I was just, “Heh.  That happened.”  

Maybe I was just stunned at the sudden end to what was a pretty good night up until the final few minutes.  Except, I’m still not emotional about it 11 hours later.  

That might come if UNC goes out and loses to Virginia this weekend.  That would mean they broke the rule to not let one bad loss turn into two or three.  

I think it might be that this season I see the UNC/Duke games outside the functioning of the season.  Sure, these games are occurring within the context of the season, but seem separated from the reality of the season.  They are similar to the final cavalry battle during the last day of the Battle of Gettysburg which had little if any impact on the outcome of the battle as whole and mainly is notable only for the introduction of George Armstrong Custer into the national consciousness.  

So, yes, I’m saying Austin Rivers=George Armstrong Custer.  So there is that.


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