Tuesday Quick Hits

  • Good news for all college sports fans, Pat Forde is back in action.  It was only two weeks since he left ESPN, but I was already in withdrawal.  Outside of Ivan Maisel and Gene Wojciechowski, writing about college football, there aren’t any writers who I go to ESPN.com specifically to read.  Grantland doesn’t count since it doesn’t even carry an ESPN banner.  Like other sports fans, I wonder who is next to leave the “worldwide leader.”  Also, Yahoo! Sports has gathered a lot of writing talent under its umbrella.
  • Of course I say that forgetting about this new blog dedicated to UNC Basketball written by Robbi Pickeral.  She has covered ACC basketball in general and the three Triangle schools in particular for a long time.  A very good writer.
  • For US Soccer fans out there, this is awesome from The Offside Rules.
  • Speaking of Grantland.com, here is the first part of their college basketball preseason all-american list. Is Grantland an attempt to create a complete alternative to ESPN.com?
  • As Target is a higher-end version of Wal-Mart, The Big East is trying to become a higher-end version of Conference USA.  The college sports world simultaneously yawns and cringes.
  • One of the things I disliked about the Butch Davis era, is that he didn’t get how important this week’s game actually is for the program.  Winning the “state championship” is important.  UNC will not win the conference without winning the state.  If nothing else comes from Everett Withers time as head coach, putting the importance of this game back front and center is a good start.  By the way, I don’t think there is any chance that Withers will be back as head coach, but I do think he will be a head coach again and soon.
Until next time.  Countdown to Carrier Classic:  10 days.  Countdown to State/UNC:  4 days.

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