Monday Morning Quick Takes

I hope to make this a permanent feature.


  • I don’t think the Indianapolis Colts are intentionally tanking the season to draft Andrew Luck.  They are just a horrible team.  However, I do not think they are actively trying to improve through personnel decisions or changes in what and how they are coaching.  They are just going to let this horrid team play out the string and see where things land.
  • There are lots of people playing professional sports and they can be broken up into two categories.
    • Category 1 – Professional athletes.  These are the people who have pride in their work as athletes.  They stay in shape during the off-season.  They show up ahead of time to prepare for games and practice.  They play and they practice hard.
    • Category 2 – Athletic people picking up a paycheck.  Playing a professional sport is barely even a job for this group.  It is simply a way to get paid.  The off-season is a vacation.  They’ll get in shape when the preseason training starts.  They show up to games and practice, usually right on time without a minute to spare.  They get up for the big games in front of big TV audiences, but the rest of the games are diversions.
  • Why is it during every college football season we get to the 2nd or 3rd week in October and the talking heads (most of whom don’t watch college football) start hyperventilating at all the undefeated teams still left?  This happens every year and the same thing always happens:  The teams playing above their heads and past their skill level all lose and the teams that are the best all keep winning.  Unless they play each other.  The system sorts itself out, usually.  If I were the BCS administrators, I would not be worried about a season ending with 5 undefeated teams.  I would worry about the season with 5 1-loss teams at the top of the rankings.
  • When did coaches decide they were part of the show?  The Ryan brothers haven’t met a camera or microphone they didn’t like.  Often to their own team’s detriment.
  • Lane Kiffin has yet to accept any blame for any loss or probation that has occurred under his watch.  Lane, buddy, I agree, your guy might have actually been out of bounds with a second left, but publicly calling a referee a liar for not granting you a timeout you didn’t call is childish.
  • The  NCAA conference realignment dance is now degenerating into what it was destined to all along:  Where will Notre Dame football and its NBC contract land?  The only two conferences that will let Notre Dame keep its NBC money are the Big 12 and the Big East.  The other conferences mentioned in the Notre Dame sweepstakes (Big 10, SEC, ACC) are comfortable enough where they are to actually have the audacity to try and dictate terms to Notre Dame.
Post on UNC v. NC State football game coming later today.

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