Carolina/State Week

Not that anyone has really noticed, but this is the week of the North Carolina/North Carolina State game.

Before the season this game seemed to be pregnant with meaning. Butch Davis was coaching the best defensive front seven at UNC since the heady days of Mack Brown and Tom O’Brien would be trying to continue his mastery over UNC for a fifth consecutive win.

Instead, we have a North Carolina team, though bowl eligible, that is a hollow shadow of what might have been if Butch Davis had not been fired (12 months too late) and if the defensive backfield was not a youthful mess beset by injuries.

NC State on the other hand is…Honestly, I have no idea. I have been too busy following UNC football and preparing for the basketball season to pay any attention to the happenings on the red-bricked plain of the NC State campus. Seriously, why would I watch any NC State football this year. I just looked at the standings and apparently they are really bad. Of course, this could be the one game of the season they actually put together a complete performance and give Mike Glennon more then 3 seconds to throw the ball.

So which will win out: A more talented UNC team trying to break a 4 game losing skid against NC State or an NC State team tying to win 3 of its final 4 games to become bowl eligible.

So, eightball, I need you to tell me about the state of Wolfpack football.


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