Beers from GABF Day 1

  1. Anderson Valley, Mowkeef Saison
  2. Brugge Brasserie, Quadripple
  3. Bull & Bush Brewery, The Legend of the Liquid Brain Imperial Stout
  4. Carolina Brewery, Copperline Amber Ale
  5. Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery, Duck-Rabbit Rabid Duck Russian Imperial Stout
  6. Eel River Brewing, Organic Porter
  7. Elk Mountain Brewing, Ghost Town Brown
  8. Elliot Bay Brewing, Bourbon Barrel Pumpkin Ale
  9. Feather Falls Casino Brewery, Squirrel Tail Brown Ale
  10. Great Divide Brewing, Belgian Style Yeti Imperial Stout
  11. Heretic Brewing, Evil Cousin
  12. Hollister Brewing, Big Box Brown Ale
  13. Long Valley Pub and Brewery, Joes Nut Brown Ale
  14. Mother Earth Brewing, Dark Cloud
  15. Natty Greene’s Pub and Brewing Company, Smokey Mountain Porter
  16. New Glarus Brewing, Blacktop IPA
  17. Ninkasi Brewing, Oatis Oatmeal Stout
  18. RJ Rockers, Bald Eagle Brown Ale
  19. Smuttynose Brewing Company, Robust Porter
  20. Southern Hops Brewing, LeeRoy Brown
  21. Thomas Creek Brewery, Conduplico Immundus Monachus Imperial Belgian-style Porter
It is hard to find a bad beer in this bunch.  There were a couple that did not meet expectations, but there is nothing I would not give another try on Saturday.  My favorites:  Mowkeef Saison from Anderson Valley and Rabid Duck from Duck-Rabbit.

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