Monday Night Rant

If Peter King can write the Monday Morning Quarterback, I can figure I can write the Monday Night Rant. Thinking back to the games over the weekend and thought I would bitch just a bit.

I have heard a lot of people questioning Tom O’Brian for letting Russell Wilson leave and putting his faith in Glennon. This weekends loss to Weak Forest had absolutely nothing to do with quarterback play….State’s defense (which was supposed to be the strength of this team) is what is letting this Wolfpack team down…not Mike Glennon.

Brian Kelly….just too damn easy…he has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory two weeks in a row.

Cam Newton…don’t think I have anything to rant with him…more of the fans. I can say which side of the aisle I came down on…I tried to take a wait and see on him. I personally don’t like a running QB. I feel there are certain basics in football and if a QB can’t sit in the pocket and pick apart a defense…he won’t amount to too much. Well, Cam didn’t run much at all yesterday; he couldn’t.  Arizona’s D-Line collapsed all around Cam…no running lanes.  And as for the fans that yell that Cam was playing a weak defense….I say he did what he was supposed to do to a weak defense, so…I give him an A.

Eightball is back in the corner pocket.


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