The State of Nature

I had an epiphany last night as I was reading this wonderful column by Pat Forde.  It dawned once I finished this column that I was mad at the wrong people because this is simply a case of a true and pure state of nature as imagined by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  Yeah, I am referencing an 18th century Swiss philosopher when talking about the food fight that is life in Texas college football.

Basically, what Rousseau believed that in a pure state of nature man is neither good nor evil.  He acts on instinct and that instinct is primary survival.  Morality only comes from education in a civil society.  Anyway, what I am trying to say is that everyone in the Big 12 and in college football in general is acting as if they are in a pure state of nature and making decisions based solely on their own self interests.  They are not evil, they are only trying to survive in a world with no rules and no established moral base.

That is the most important thing Forde says in his piece:  No one is in charge.  That means there are really no rules.  That means every decision is based on self-interest.  Texas A&M best interest is getting away from Texas and making a lot of money in the SEC.  Baylor, Iowa State, and the other teams left out in the cold are trying to secure their own cool dry place to land and keep the coffers full.

It all goes back to no one is in charge.  As long as no one has the reins this will continue to happen.  The question becomes, who would be in charge and how would that work.  I have no idea.

Unless and until the BCS conferences grant more power to their executive director to actually run college football it will not happen.  So this is the state of play of college sports from now on until the system finally blows itself to bits.

Get used to either schools changing conferences every 2 years or a few 16 team conferences.

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