The Big 12 Died Last Summer

It’s just that no one wants to admit it.  Once Colorado and Nebraska left; Texas and Oklahoma open flirted with the Pac-10 (12); and then Texas bigfooted everyone with the Longhorn Network what little connective tissue that existed for the league disappeared.  Now with Texas A&M about to hit the trail to SEC mediocrity and Oklahoma again casting longing glances at the Pac-12 the conference is about to be taken off life support.

Oh, yeah, the hissy fit Baylor is now throwing is a case of a smaller school who is going to be left out of the big movements trying to A)find a soft place to land with its bigger Texas brethren and B)throw a monkey wrench into everyone’s plans out of spite.

After the dust settles and Baylor gets its pound of flesh from all the big boys leaving the Big 12, they need to get to work and (as many other college football writers and bloggers have been tweeting and blogging all morning) figure out a way to steal the best of the western portion of Conference USA and teams from the Mountain West.  Basically, I’m agreeing with Andy Glockner at Sports Illustrated that the inevitable conclusion to this is the remnants of the Big 12 annex the above mentioned Mountain West and CUSA teams as the Big 12.  That would give you a league (if rampant internet speculation is correct) of Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Houston, Rice, SMU, Boise State, Colorado State, Wyoming, Memphis, and Tulsa.

Tell me that is not a bad conference for basketball and football.

By the way, this is just an exercise in rampant internet speculation.  I have no facts, just conjecture and what I read at ESPN, CBSSPORTS, or SI, or Yahoo.  However, that is the total fun of this situation.  You get wonderful speculation like this from Jon Wilner and because he has two sources we have to at least in part believe what he writes.  Texas baseball in the ACC, sure, why not.  Anything is possible.  In fact, there are maybe at most 2 dozen people (various conference commissioners, school presidents, and athletic directors) in this country who have any real idea of how this is going to play out, and even some of them are in the dark as to what others in their own conferences are doing.

If the Big 12 survives with Texas pulling the strings, Conference USA and the Mountain West conferences will be dead are certainly diminished.  The ACC and Big East will breathe a sigh of relief or they and the SEC will finish off Conference USA.  The SEC because they can and the other two to fend off the SEC.  Regardless, this is just a fun time.

Maybe the Big 12 did not die last summer.  Maybe Texas’ pride and need to be the biggest and baddest on the block can “save” it.  Whatever happens, we as fans have two choices:  get angry or laugh at the sheer absurdity of so much sturm and drang over college football.

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