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Beers from GABF Day 1

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  1. Anderson Valley, Mowkeef Saison
  2. Brugge Brasserie, Quadripple
  3. Bull & Bush Brewery, The Legend of the Liquid Brain Imperial Stout
  4. Carolina Brewery, Copperline Amber Ale
  5. Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery, Duck-Rabbit Rabid Duck Russian Imperial Stout
  6. Eel River Brewing, Organic Porter
  7. Elk Mountain Brewing, Ghost Town Brown
  8. Elliot Bay Brewing, Bourbon Barrel Pumpkin Ale
  9. Feather Falls Casino Brewery, Squirrel Tail Brown Ale
  10. Great Divide Brewing, Belgian Style Yeti Imperial Stout
  11. Heretic Brewing, Evil Cousin
  12. Hollister Brewing, Big Box Brown Ale
  13. Long Valley Pub and Brewery, Joes Nut Brown Ale
  14. Mother Earth Brewing, Dark Cloud
  15. Natty Greene’s Pub and Brewing Company, Smokey Mountain Porter
  16. New Glarus Brewing, Blacktop IPA
  17. Ninkasi Brewing, Oatis Oatmeal Stout
  18. RJ Rockers, Bald Eagle Brown Ale
  19. Smuttynose Brewing Company, Robust Porter
  20. Southern Hops Brewing, LeeRoy Brown
  21. Thomas Creek Brewery, Conduplico Immundus Monachus Imperial Belgian-style Porter
It is hard to find a bad beer in this bunch.  There were a couple that did not meet expectations, but there is nothing I would not give another try on Saturday.  My favorites:  Mowkeef Saison from Anderson Valley and Rabid Duck from Duck-Rabbit.

Monday Night Rant

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If Peter King can write the Monday Morning Quarterback, I can figure I can write the Monday Night Rant. Thinking back to the games over the weekend and thought I would bitch just a bit.

I have heard a lot of people questioning Tom O’Brian for letting Russell Wilson leave and putting his faith in Glennon. This weekends loss to Weak Forest had absolutely nothing to do with quarterback play….State’s defense (which was supposed to be the strength of this team) is what is letting this Wolfpack team down…not Mike Glennon.

Brian Kelly….just too damn easy…he has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory two weeks in a row.

Cam Newton…don’t think I have anything to rant with him…more of the fans. I can say which side of the aisle I came down on…I tried to take a wait and see on him. I personally don’t like a running QB. I feel there are certain basics in football and if a QB can’t sit in the pocket and pick apart a defense…he won’t amount to too much. Well, Cam didn’t run much at all yesterday; he couldn’t.  Arizona’s D-Line collapsed all around Cam…no running lanes.  And as for the fans that yell that Cam was playing a weak defense….I say he did what he was supposed to do to a weak defense, so…I give him an A.

Eightball is back in the corner pocket.

The State of Nature

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I had an epiphany last night as I was reading this wonderful column by Pat Forde.  It dawned once I finished this column that I was mad at the wrong people because this is simply a case of a true and pure state of nature as imagined by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  Yeah, I am referencing an 18th century Swiss philosopher when talking about the food fight that is life in Texas college football.

Basically, what Rousseau believed that in a pure state of nature man is neither good nor evil.  He acts on instinct and that instinct is primary survival.  Morality only comes from education in a civil society.  Anyway, what I am trying to say is that everyone in the Big 12 and in college football in general is acting as if they are in a pure state of nature and making decisions based solely on their own self interests.  They are not evil, they are only trying to survive in a world with no rules and no established moral base.

That is the most important thing Forde says in his piece:  No one is in charge.  That means there are really no rules.  That means every decision is based on self-interest.  Texas A&M best interest is getting away from Texas and making a lot of money in the SEC.  Baylor, Iowa State, and the other teams left out in the cold are trying to secure their own cool dry place to land and keep the coffers full.

It all goes back to no one is in charge.  As long as no one has the reins this will continue to happen.  The question becomes, who would be in charge and how would that work.  I have no idea.

Unless and until the BCS conferences grant more power to their executive director to actually run college football it will not happen.  So this is the state of play of college sports from now on until the system finally blows itself to bits.

Get used to either schools changing conferences every 2 years or a few 16 team conferences.

The Big 12 Died Last Summer

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It’s just that no one wants to admit it.  Once Colorado and Nebraska left; Texas and Oklahoma open flirted with the Pac-10 (12); and then Texas bigfooted everyone with the Longhorn Network what little connective tissue that existed for the league disappeared.  Now with Texas A&M about to hit the trail to SEC mediocrity and Oklahoma again casting longing glances at the Pac-12 the conference is about to be taken off life support.

Oh, yeah, the hissy fit Baylor is now throwing is a case of a smaller school who is going to be left out of the big movements trying to A)find a soft place to land with its bigger Texas brethren and B)throw a monkey wrench into everyone’s plans out of spite.

After the dust settles and Baylor gets its pound of flesh from all the big boys leaving the Big 12, they need to get to work and (as many other college football writers and bloggers have been tweeting and blogging all morning) figure out a way to steal the best of the western portion of Conference USA and teams from the Mountain West.  Basically, I’m agreeing with Andy Glockner at Sports Illustrated that the inevitable conclusion to this is the remnants of the Big 12 annex the above mentioned Mountain West and CUSA teams as the Big 12.  That would give you a league (if rampant internet speculation is correct) of Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Houston, Rice, SMU, Boise State, Colorado State, Wyoming, Memphis, and Tulsa.

Tell me that is not a bad conference for basketball and football.

By the way, this is just an exercise in rampant internet speculation.  I have no facts, just conjecture and what I read at ESPN, CBSSPORTS, or SI, or Yahoo.  However, that is the total fun of this situation.  You get wonderful speculation like this from Jon Wilner and because he has two sources we have to at least in part believe what he writes.  Texas baseball in the ACC, sure, why not.  Anything is possible.  In fact, there are maybe at most 2 dozen people (various conference commissioners, school presidents, and athletic directors) in this country who have any real idea of how this is going to play out, and even some of them are in the dark as to what others in their own conferences are doing.

If the Big 12 survives with Texas pulling the strings, Conference USA and the Mountain West conferences will be dead are certainly diminished.  The ACC and Big East will breathe a sigh of relief or they and the SEC will finish off Conference USA.  The SEC because they can and the other two to fend off the SEC.  Regardless, this is just a fun time.

Maybe the Big 12 did not die last summer.  Maybe Texas’ pride and need to be the biggest and baddest on the block can “save” it.  Whatever happens, we as fans have two choices:  get angry or laugh at the sheer absurdity of so much sturm and drang over college football.