Life is too short for bad beer

That is a simplistic representation as to why I drink craft beer (All the guides say you should write a blog title that quickly captures the reader and explains what the posting is about.  This may be the first time I’ve followed that rule).  However, it is rather accurate.  Let me explain.

I like most beer drinkers started on the lower end of the scale.  My first two years of college I consumed, in some amounts, Milwaukee’s Best, Milwaukee’s Best Light, Bud Light, Olympia, National Bohemian, Mickey’s Big Mouth, and a few others I have forgotten.  That was when I was snaking free beer or having someone else buy beer for me since I was not 21.

However, once I became 21 all that changed.  It was me going out to buy the beer and spending my money.  My first good beer would have to have been Michelob Dark.  It was a good enough beer, but the moment that shifted everything was when I bought Samuel Adams Boston Lager.  The best way to describe it is that it was the first beer I drank that I could tell was made to be beer and not a consumable product to be sold to beer drinkers.

The next two years of college beer drinking for me was filled with Sam Adams and the late great much lamented Pete’s Wicked Ale.  I found an interesting thing happening, I enjoyed the beer more even though I drank less of it.  Taste actually mattered.

I got older and kept drinking beer finding new and different beers to enjoy.  Now you’re asking (if you have kept reading this), “Why is life too short for bad beer?”  Simple, life is too short and each moment in it too precious to waste on things you either do not enjoy or get no benefit from.  It is not about how much stuff you have or how much that stuff costs, it is about enjoying it and savoring every moment.

That is why I drink craft beer.  I do not want to waste the beer.  If I am going to drink something, I want it to leave an impression.

The worse thing a beer reviewer can say about a beer is that it did not really leave any kind of impression.  The silliest advertising campaign I have seen was the Bud Light Drinkability campaign.  Water is drinkable.  You are making beer for goodness sake, you could strive something a little higher on the quality scale.  I understand after a long day cutting grass you may just want something cold wet and light to drink, but that describes water.  If you are making beer, you should go for a little more than, “It’s like water.”  Luckily that idiocy failed as a campaign.

Again, what does this title mean.  It means you should wring every moment of happiness and joy out of this finite existence we have.  Whether that means enjoying good beer with good friends; watching a late summer sunset; reveling in the laughter of your children.  Take your time to enjoy each moment, because once they are gone, they are gone like tears in rain (Cool movie reference to close).

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