Back in da saddle.

When Cueball and I decided to start this blog we said we were going to post something around once a week…….wellllll….by those rules….I’M WAYYYY BEHIND.  See…I spend my day writing…either taking notes or writing reports.  I write as much in a month as most people did in college.  I am either writing, reviewing and rewriting, or agonizing over reports from my past that stink.  It’s the life of a P.I.   The difference is…I’m not writing for wives that have cheating husbands….I’m writing for Ivy League educated attorneys siting in their towers in NYC……my community college education gets put to the test on a daily basis.  So I have decided I’m going to use this to vent…and to hell if the grammar is correct.

Well…enough about that….having a cigar and an Arrogant Bastard Ale, kinda made me want to write.  Today I heard something that actually made since in the sports world.  I was watching Dan Patrick and he reported Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots said that he believed the NFL should move the extra point kick back 10-15 yds.  That would take the most anti-climatic play in sports and actually put some drama in it.  I have always thought the PAT is the dumbest play in Pro Football…hell…college as well.  If you make it to college as a kicker…and assuming the holder gets the ball down and the line holds a block for at least a second….all the kicker has to do is keep his head down and follow through… hard is that.  Now…you drop the placement of the ball from the 10 (20 yd kick) to the 25 yd line (35 yd kick)…..that would be worth watching.   Wind in a lot of stadiums would come into play.  If you are a dome team kicker and you’re playing in an outdoor stadium, and you don’t know how the wind swirls in the stadium…….gooooood luck.

More to come…..Eightball out.


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