Chaos can be fun

Wow.  It has been a while.

If things go the way I want them to, posting on the blog will be a more common occurrence.  Hopefully daily.

Anyway, today is about the joy that is NCAA Division I conference realignment.

This year’s fun was kicked off by Texas A&M bolting for the SEC.  It will happen.  The statement the SEC released yesterday was a bunch of legalize that said, “At this moment, no one has officially expressed interest in applying to our conference for membership, so we cannot vote on letting any university into our conference.  As soon as the university that has been in the news for the better part of week that has ambitions of joining our conference gets clearance from all the lawyers and politicians to officially ask to join us, we will invite them. That will probably be sometime around Wednesday or Thursday of this week.   Also, we would like to expand to an even 14 teams at this time and because of various contractual and legal constraints, the universities we would like to apply for membership cannot at this time.  Therefore, we are going to take our time.”

The most interesting part of this is that most of the impetus for this move is A&M’s completely dysfunctional relationship with the University of Texas.

As a UNC graduate and fan, I’ve watched our relationship with NC State for a long time.  It has been contentious and had its moments of dislike, disgust, and occasional hatred.  It is like the Robinson brothers of The Black Crowes.  True, there are times when Rich and Chris Robinson would stop band practice for fight each other, especially when they were younger, but at the end of the day, they were brothers.  They love each other and they are in this thing together until the end.

Texas and Texas A&M is more like Oasis.  The brother’s Gallagher (Liam and Noel) finally broke up their band with Noel leaving, at one time the biggest band in the world, because they really cannot stand to be in the same band with each other.  They had the same kind of fights the Robinson’s did, but Liam and Noel just cannot stand to be around each other that much.  There is too much jealousy and envy going both ways for it to last.

That means Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 is like Liam Gallagher leaving Oasis and going to Radiohead (this makes no logical sense, but stay with me).  In other words, going from a great band to the best band in the world.  A&M is going to a good football conference where they haven’t won a championship since 1998 to the best  football conference in college and holders of the last 5 national championships all because of their dysfunctional relationship with Texas.

Anyway, that deal is all but done.  Now the question becomes, “Who is the 14th team?”  That becomes interesting for me because apparently anyone in the ACC not currently in a SEC state is in the mix (apparently there is a “gentleman’s agreement” among SEC schools not to add members in states already with members, yeah right). That leaves the states of North Carolina and Virginia.   The most likely, actually there are no good choices in the ACC because any of the best choices come with baggage, unless you expand in a state with a SEC school already.

Let’s start in North Carolina.  To take any of the North Carolina schools you would almost have to take one maybe two more.  The best of the three (four counting Wake) would be NC State.  However, I find it hard to believe the founders of the Dixie Classic would leave all of their tradition to get kicked in the teeth on a weekly basis in the SEC East.   I’m sure they would keep the UNC football game and do home and away series with the other four NC teams in the ACC.

Virginia Tech would be the obvious choice, but their inclusion in the ACC was done by an act of the Virginia legislature to force Tech and UVa to play each other.  Maybe moving to the all mighty SEC would assuage the need for that rivalry.  Though I think it has been good for both programs, when Virginia has had good coach.

Of course, the 14th team will probably be Missouri.  I still believe the ACC should go on the aggressive in this situation and finally finish off the Big East by inviting Rutgers, UCONN, and/or Pitt to join.  The reason being, the SEC is a voracious animal who is not going to stop gobbling up schools anytime soon.  Either gird yourself for the battle by expanding and strengthening your numbers or become victim to the SEC’s appetite.


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