Eight Ball and I had a little experiment tonight.  We both love bourbon, but the price of our favorite everyday bourbon has gotten above $20 a fifth (Elijah Craig).   So, we decided to go through bourbons under $20 to find an alternative.

Tonight’s tasting, Old Forester and Early Times 354.

Two good entries.  Early Times 354 is a little mellower a little smoother like it has been barrel aged longer.  However, both are good bourbons for an everyday drinker.  I probably gravitate towards the Early Times because it is a better sipper and I like to drink my bourbon “straight no chaser”.  The Old Forester probably works better with a mixer (like my preferred ginger ale) because it is a little rougher, but both are a good under $20 everyday drinker.

Written listening to the Wugazi mixtape and sipping Early Times while watching today’s Tour de France replay on Versus.  Awesome.


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