Beer, sports, and music: The Beloved Triumverate

There are three things in life that I really love and care about: Beer, sports, and music. Any day in which I get to watch a good sporting event (sometimes even a bad one will do), drink a good beer (only a craft beer will do), and listen to good music (almost anything good will do) is a day sent from heaven.

I have been recalcitrant in in writing for the blog, so I will do something about that. My goal is a post a day for at least a month. Will see how that goes. Most posts will have something to do with sports and what is happening in the world of sports, but I will also drop some beer and music thoughts.

I have a weird and varied knowledge of all kinds of things. Just ask Terry. He is still trying to figure out how I made a brilliant Tim Richmond/Stroker Ace reference a couple of months ago.

Anyway. More to come.

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